In Glory of Woman 2019 – Awards (D)

Section D – Photo Journalism

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D49_Hongbing Ye, China, Bangladesh Train 11 FIAP Gold medal

D50_Chongfeng Wu, China, One-armed boy 1 PSA Gold medal

D51_Alla Sokolova, France, Place under the sun GPU Gold medal

D52_Baris Barlas, Turkey, Triathlet 685 FAS Gold medal

D53_Cyril Kwok Keung Leung, Hong Kong, Pain fight PSA Silver medal

D54_Xiaoqing Chen, China, Our shelter 3 IGW Silver medal

D55_Rongguang Ye, China, Water sparkling FAS Bronze medal

D56_Jiri Sneider, Czech Republic, Street IGW Bronze medal

D57_Vojislav Lukovic, Serbia, Urban stampedo FIAP Hon. Mentions

D58_Xinmin Zhang, China, Life over track FIAP Hon. Mentions

D59_Kumral Kepkep, Turkey, Demonstration 01 PSA Hon. Mentions

D60_Yi Wan, China, hanjiang Swim god 44 PSA Hon. Mentions

D61_Leonid Goldin, Israel, Women’s Pain GPU Hon. Mentions

D62_Narayan Pramanik, India, Gajon Piercing 3 GPU Hon. Mentions

D63_Triet Bui, USA, Water Bull Racing IGW Hon. Mention

D64_M Yousuf Tushar, Bangladesh, Againest the wind IGW Hon. Mentions


FIAP = Federation International d’art Photographique

PSA = Photographic Society of America

GPU = Global Photographic Union

FAS = Fotogram Art Studio [medal]

IGW = In Glory of Woman [salon medal]