In Glory of Woman 2019 – Awards (A)

Section A – Open Color

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A01_Radu Stanese, Romania, Protection FIAP Gold Medal

A02_Bruno Madeddu, Italy, Sorelline PSA Gold Medal

A03_Wende Shen, USA, Spanish girl 1 GPU Gold Medal

A04_Laetitia Kenny, South Africa, Tebogo 2 FAS Gold Medal

A05_Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Twins PSA Silver Medal

A06_Xiaoing Chen, China, Class 6 IGW Silver Medal

A07_Siyuan Huang, China, Leap 1 FSS Bronze Medal

A08_Yating Yang, Taiwan, Benniu 2 IGW Bronze Medal

A09_Lee Sutton, United Kingdom, Hatters House FIAP Hon. Mention

A10_Manfred Kluger, Germany, A natural beauty 3 FIAP Hon. Mention

A11_Mario Cioni, Italy, In flight PSA Hon. Mention

A12_Xiping An, China, Arteries in deep valley PSA Hon. Mention

A13_Elena Bacchi, Italy, The old Longines GPU Hon. Mention

A14_Dirk Peschen, Germany, Graceful posing GPU Hon. Mention

A15_Zhenghua Peng, China, Land IGW Hon. Mention

A16_Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, Go with the waves IGW Hon. Mention


FIAP = Federation International d’art Photographique

PSA = Photographic Society of America

GPU = Global Photographic Union

FAS = Fotogram Art Studio [medal]

IGW = In Glory of Woman [salon medal]