Competition 2013 / Rules

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If you send your work on CD, here is Application form in doc format

Terms of Participation
1. PARTICIPATION. The Contest is open to all photographers, worldwide. It is carried out in accordance with the rules of FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique, FIAP Patronage 2013/061; FSS (Foto savez Srbije = Photo Association of Serbia) (FSS Patronage 2013/07; and UPI (United Photographers International, Licence 2013). The exhibition is supported by NCF (Nacionalni centar za fotografiju = National Center of Photography) in Belgrade, Serbia.

The organizers will not accept photographs which have been exhibited in the previous editions of this Salon.



  • [A] - Open Color
  • [B] - Nature
  • [C] - Animals
  • [D] - Open Monochrome

Work in all four topics can be in monochrome and color.


3. NUMBER AND SIZE (FORMAT) WORKS. Any participant can submit up to 4 photographs under each theme (maximum 16 photographs in 4 themes).

Works are accepted in electronic form only.

All digital images should be provided as JPEG only. The image on the longest side should be 1600 pixels, and the resolution should be 300 dpi. File compression should be between 8 and 10, but the memory size of the file must not exceed 1,5 Mb.



 Entry fees are:

15 € or 20 US $ for two sections;

20 € or 25 US $ for three sections;

25 € or 30 US $ for four sections.


  • c) (in EUR) to our account:

Beneficiary Customer: (IBAN) RS35160523020010324019, MALIĆ GORAN, RADNIČKA 36, 11030 Beograd, Srbija

Account With Institution: (SWIFT) DBDBRSBG Banca Intesa ad Beograd, Milentija Popovica 7b, 11070 Novi Beograd Republic of Serbia

Intermediary: BCITITMM Intesa Sanpaolo spa Milan Italy

  • d) (in USD) to our account:

Beneficiary Customer: (IBAN) RS35160523020010324019, MALIĆ GORAN, RADNIČKA 36, 11030 Beograd, Srbija

Account With Insfitution: (SWIFT) DBDBRSBG Banca Intesa ad Beograd, Milentija Popovica 7b, 11070 Novi Beograd Republic of Serbia

Intermediary: AEIBUS33 American Express Bank Ltd New York, NY United States

(Attached to the propositions of the Bank's instructions for payment in euros or in dollars).

Works by authors who do not pay the registration fee (or is not enclosed with the CD) will not be taken into consideration.


5. IDENTIFICATION. Each photograph folder must contain the following data: The name of the author, the title of the photograph (in one of the FIAP official languages), the year it was taken.
For example: john smith-A1-impression-2012.jpg

The number the work is marked with must correspond to the number stated in the Application form.


6. JURY. The works will be judged by the expert jury:

  • Branislav Brkic, MFIAP, MF FSS, president of Photo Association of Serbia, Serbia, Jury Chairperson;
  • Slobodan Krstic, EFIAP, MF FSS, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Branislav Strugar, MF FSS (Master Photographer - Photo Association of Serbia); ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia), Serbia;
  • Goran Malich, AFIAP, MF FSJ/FSS, NCF, ULUPUDS, Serbia.

(In case of equal vote, the vote of the Chairperson will prevail).

The FSS representative: Božidar Vitas, AFIAP, KMF FSS, Serbia.


7. AWARDS. The Jury will assign 43 award (11 awards in each section + FIAP badge) as follows:

(Theme A, B): UPI Gold, UPI Silver, FSS Silver, UPI Bronze and FSS Bronze Medal; and 6 commendations;

(Theme C): FIAP Gold, UPI Silver, FSS Silver, FIAP Bronze Medal and FSS Bronze Medal; and 6 commendations;

(Theme D): FSS Gold, FIAP Silver, FSS Silver, and 2 UPI Bronze Medal; and 6 Salon commendations;

Special award (FIAP-blue badge): to the best author of the exhibition.



a) The selected and awarded photographs will be published in the catalogue, with no author's fee paid. Every author who has paid the entry fee will be sent a copy of the catalogue to the address stated in the application. All the exhibited photographs will be kept in the Salon Archives.

b) Some of the selected photographs will be used in promotional material for the exhibition, e.g., printed on invitation cards (as postcards) for the opening and parallel programs, posters or information for the press. All the publications will be non-profit oriented with the only purpose of supporting promotion of the exhibition. The authors whose works have been reproduced in the promotional material will get copies for their documentation. There will be no other forms of compensation.



a) The Organizer will use examples of exhibited photos in lectures and critically commented projections in order to encourage theoretical studying of certain fields of photography. The organizer also intends to issue a quadrennially catalogue, based on the materials from previous exhibitions, presenting selected works accompanied by theoretical study articles with the purpose of gaining recognition of raising the level of visual culture of certain themes in photography.

c) Every author whose work is used or reproduced as described above will receive copies of these publications at address stated in the application. Moral Copyrights – correct authors’ signatures on printed works – will be fully respected.



   Submission deadline

February 24, 2013

   Jury Meeting

March 7-10, 2013

   Results* will be posted at

March 20, 2013

   First digital slide projection

April 16-19, 2013

   Delivering catalogues and awards to the authors

May 26, 2013

*All participants will receive report card notification via e-mail. The results of the Exhibition be published on the website.


11. DELIVERING OF WORKS. Your photographic works, you can send us one of these three ways:

a) via electronic application (Upload of photos - preferred method):

b) by electronic mail to the following address: (or alternate E-mail address: ).

c) if the works are on CD, they should be sent, together with the application form and entry fee, to the following address:
Goran Malich (Fotogram Art Studio), Radnička 36, apt. 49, 11030 BELGRADE, Serbia, PAC 173323 ;
(Registration fee can be sent separately to our PayPal address This is the safest way - preferred method).

It is desirable to send up to four files in a single E-mail to enable faster transmission.

Works must be marked with ordinal numbers in the same way as in the application form. Works without correctly filled application forms will not be considered. (If you send your work on CD, here is Application form in doc format )


12. GENERAL REMARKS. The authors keep copyright of their works. The Organizer cannot take the responsibility for any transportation damage of CDs.
Contacts: Phone: + 381 11 354 8655; E-mail (alternate E-mail address: ).
All other information on the organization and the duration of the salon will be published on the Web at:

Salon secretary: Lidija Malić, E-mail:  

13. CODE OF HONOUR. The Salon President and Secretary, members of the Organization Board and members of their narrow families cannot submit theirs photographs for the exhibition.

14. PRESIDENT OF THE SALON: Goran Malich, artist and historian of photography, AFIAP, FSS, ULUPUDS, NCF, Belgrade, Serbia.